First Recreational Marijuana Stores Open in Colorado. ITS HAPPENING!!!


You know why that guy is smiling so much? He is a soldier with PTSD who just bought the first ever legal marijuana. He said, “Now I’m going to go home, smoke it out of a bong and play video games.” A true champion. Today is a pretty great day. Seems kinda pricey though. Hopefully, that decreases as recreational use becomes more commonplace. I chose this article to link over some other ones I saw because they did a good job interviewing owners of stores as well as customers to really give you a feel of what’s going on in Colorado. Its a pretty good read. Sampler packets of marijuana with multiple strains? They should just start calling them “flights” and piggyback on alcohol. 

It can’t be all happy fun times though. There are still some who oppose the legalization. Here is their well thought out argument: 

“Opponents warned that legalising recreational use could help create an industry intent on attracting underage users and getting more people dependent on the drug.”

OH YOU MEAN LIKE CIGARETTES YOU SONS OF BITCHES!!!! Who is making this argument? Whoever it is better also be constantly wearing clothing and signs that advocate for the criminalization of cigarette sales. I feel like that concern is the fucking slogan of cigarettes. Cigarettes: Attracting underage users and getting more people dependent since 1830.

I’m not gonna let these debbie downers ruin the spirit of my blog post. VIVA LA REVOLUCION! VIVA! Soldier on Colorado. The bravest state of them all. Spitting right in the federal governments face. 


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