Reason #451230 Why PS4 is Better than Xbox One: It Doesn’t Leak Semen


Does Microsoft use semen as a coolant? Seems that way doesn’t it. If you’re going to play with the big dogs of tech, your gaming system better not leak an oily substance that dries into “white milk-like stains.” Pretty much sounds exactly like semen. So if you bought an Xbox One instead of a PS4, I think its safe to say you prefer purchasing high tech containers full of semen instead of gaming systems. Just saying. You’re the one who bought the cooler full of semen not me. I’m gonna get an actual gaming system. 

Since there have only been two instances of this, it makes me wonder whether this is real or whether these dudes made love to their Xbox Ones and then made it seem like the oily substance was being leaked for no apparent reason. Pretty sure this is just a huge conspiracy so that people can take their Xbox Ones to pound town and if it breaks just blame faulty manufacturing. “Mine is leaking that milky white stuff too! And the USB port is clogged! Totally a manufacturing error am I right?” I see right through you, you tech sodomizers. Leave those poor consoles alone. 


One thought on “Reason #451230 Why PS4 is Better than Xbox One: It Doesn’t Leak Semen

  1. Karen S says:

    “Cooler full of semen” is a phrase for the ages!

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