Bill Belichick Doesn’t Get Enough Credit for Being a “Players’ Coach”


I was watching the highlights from Legarette Blount smoking the Bills last week and I began reveling in how happy he looked. Then I saw him hug Belichick and walk across the field with him and what not looking like a kid who just won the game walking to a celebratory dinner with his dad. It got me thinking about “players’ coaches” and Belichick’s relationship with his players. 

I think unless you’re from New England, you might get a very skewed perception that Bill Belichick is an autonomous winning machine with no feeling or emotions. If you only watched his interactions with the media, you’d almost certainly believe this. But if you’re a Patriots fan and you hear him talk with the players and see their interactions with him, I think you see a coach who takes great pride in his players’ success and is highly demanding. I think a lot of players who don’t like Bill, see him as cold because of his expectations and maybe they don’t want to work as hard as he demands.

All I know is, when I see players do great things on the field, the first person they go to on the sideline is Bill Belichick, like a son seeking approval, and Belichick plays the overjoyed parent role, who couldn’t be happier that the player was able to succeed. I think Bill Belichick is the ultimate players’ coach and I think it’s also why he’s seen so much success. No one quits on him. No one. Everyone does their job because it’s what he expects. None of this Rex Ryan, circus bullshit. I think its also why we have so many signings/cuts on the practice team. These guys want to play for Bill because they know if they do their job right and do it better than the starters Belichick won’t hesitate to sign them. 


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