1/3 of Americans Don’t Believe in Evolution. Sigh.



In trying to find a humorous image for this blog post, I found something soul crushingly painful: http://missinguniversemuseum.com/Exhibit6.htm. This is the half baked logic of Creationists.

“Per Evolutionists a vestigial organ or appendage is supposedly something that exists in a living organism without any function, but served some useful purpose in the past in some ancestral form. These should exist as well as harmless appendages that never did perform any useful function”

YES, BECAUSE THAT MAKES SENSE, YOU FUCK. Clearly, since we have organs that used to have a function and no longer do, we should also have lots of other organs that never had any function at all….because….JESUS. That’s why. Clearly someone didn’t pass/take high school biology. The only reason you would have a vestigial organ ie. the appendix is because it had a FUNCTION at one point. You don’t just fucking sprout organs just because evolution. 

“Why don’t we ever hear doctors mention vestigial organs?” HAVE YOU NEVER HEARD OF THE APPENDIX OR ARE YOU TROLLING ME?!?

And finally, perhaps my favorite in hair brained logic: “If you don’t believe God created all living things, male and female, in 6 days…. How many millions of years was it between the first male and the first female?”

Asexual reproduction. Mitosis. Science. I don’t have time to explain these shenanigans I’ll just revel in their stupidity. If you want to believe in Creationism that’s fine by me. But it has to be faith based. You can’t just go around trying to debunk SCIENCE by thumping the bible really hard and making statements that aren’t true. Evolution is a real thing. You can believe in anything you want, but you can’t bend science to your beliefs. 

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