The Best of Jon Gruden Quotes is Hilarious


Gruden is my favorite color commentary guy hands down. Love him. I just wanna bro out with him and watch football 24/7. Gruden’s Grinders is the best halftime segment in football. Needless to say, his quote highlight reel is hilarious. “I don’t know who you are but you’re throwing some fastballs at me here.” Classic. Can’t get enough of it. Hopefully Gruden stays as an analyst because I don’t want to listen to some new asshole talking about football when they don’t know shit. Gruden knows football and does a good job explaining a lot of what goes on in the field. Love when he calls a play, “This is a play action formation right here.” Then they run a play action and you know his in the booth fist pumping like a mother fucker. 


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