Russia Suffers Terrorist Attack. US Media Concerned Russia’s Official Alert Remained Yellow not Red.


Russia was hit by a terrorist attack yesterday. A suicide bomber hit a bus and killed 17 people. This attack is allegedly related to another attack that happened the day before this one. Clearly, the public is distressed, and this article talks about Putin being cold and what not, having not addressed the public yet. I can see why you would want your leader to acknowledge the situation, perhaps empathize with the victims of the attack, but on the other hand its not like Putin addressing people is going to help keep them safe. 

I don’t particularly care how Putin handles the situation but one part of the article bothered me:“Russia’s official alert level remained yellow, not red.” Oh gee wiz. Glad I don’t live in Russia. I mean do you see how lax their color coordinated alert system is? I mean how many levels do they even have? How am I supposed to accurately gauge my level of fear if their alert level is yellow all the time?

The alert level in America is probably the dumbest thing we have. If you google “America threat level” the first link is, which brings you to a faux official looking page that will let you post the real time threat level on your web page or get an email when it changes. Currently, our threat level is Yellow which apparently means “Significant risk of terrorist attacks”. Good so now I can cower in fear any time I hear a loud noise when I’m out about. 

What the fuck is the point of the threat level? If there were no threat level would you do anything differently? It just boggles my mind that this is even a thing. Did you know the threat level has never been lowered below Yellow? Never. They considered getting rid of the colors below yellow (blue and green) and just making yellow the baseline. So I guess we are forever at significant risk of terrorist attacks. The threat level was inspired by the forest fire color system. You know what the difference is though, right? YOU CAN ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING TO PREVENT FOREST FIRES. If the forest fire system is yellow they close parts of the forest that are most likely to have a fire. If the terror alert system is yellow it means everything is normal but just make sure you keep the horrors of terrorism at the forefront of your thoughts. 

The only thing people do differently because of the threat level is be suspicious of fucking everything because that’s all you can do. “Ooo watch out that 8 year old totally just left his backpack on the bus. Let’s detain him until we can confirm he’s just a little kid with his homework and lunch in there and not some threat to our nation.” It’s so fucking dumb I can’t stand it. This isn’t the Cold War. We don’t need another Red Scare or any of that shit. Worrying has become the national past time and its even more boring than baseball. 


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