Pats Beat Bills in Classic Bills Fashion. Clinch #2 Seed in the AFC.


The Patriots fumble 4 times and recover all of them. The Bills let Legarrette Blount lay pipe on them and that was that. Just a classic Bills game. Everything fall the Patriots way, nothing falling the Bills way. It’s was just a perfect example of what its like to be the Bills. The football gods/universe is just constantly against you for whatever reason.

Getting this bye week was CRUCIAL for our success in the playoffs. Our secondary is far too thin to have anyone injured going into a playoff game. Dennard was inactive again this week with that niggling knee injury. When Arrington got hurt too, someone whose name I don’t even know came in to play cornerback. Luckily we released, Marquise “My scabs can’t even cover my open wounds” Cole so no one scored. Devin Mccourty was also out after getting concussed on a man’s thick butt cheek last week.

Given all the rain and the fact that we played the Bills its pretty hard to gauge how good we will be in the playoffs. I will say our red zone offense has gotten a lot better. The Patriots have done a good job with rub routes and disguise. The only passing touchdown was an out route to Vereen who motioned out of the backfield. They scored on this exact same play against the Ravens. Edelman runs a shallow slant to create some traffic and give Vereen some space to get to the end zone.Then when they went for the 2 point conversion, they made it look like they were going to Vereen with a very similar play, but Edelman leaked out into the back of the end zone for a wide open conversion. This is what, Belichick does best. Since the Dolphins game, the Patriots have been outstanding in the red zone. I think the number is around 67% efficiency. That’s pretty darn good.

Hopefully the Bengals win against the Chargers because Andy Dalton is terrible and I’d much rather play them than the Chiefs.


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