Those of you Global Warming Naysayers Should Talk to the Pika


This cute little rodent has to eat papery moss, then eat its own shit, consisting of papery moss, to get enough nutrients nowadays thanks to global warming. I hope you’re happy. Now we have cute rodents running around eating their own shit just to get by. That’s dire straits. Oh you don’t like the heat? You don’t want to drive a hybrid because they don’t have enough power? Well, have you started eating your own shit yet? No? Then shut up.

Just still blows my mind that I have to talk about global warming actually being a thing in this day and age. But this article from National Geographic is probably just more Greenie propaganda. “We’ll make small, cute rodents eat their own shit and blame it global warming. That will really rally the troops and make us some more windmill money. MWAHAHAHAH!” What National Geographic doesn’t show is the liberal gunman (oxymoron) forcing the pika to eat its own shit.

P.S. 50% of the reason I blogged this is because you can’t pass up a story that involves anything eating its own shit. And by you I mean me.


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