Peyton Manning Breaks the Single Season Record with 51 Touchdowns in 15 Games


Have to give credit where credit is due. Peyton Manning is having an amazing year. Assuming he doesn’t choke big in the playoffs, the Broncos have a good shot of making it to the Super Bowl. Despite the fact that I’m a Patriots fan, I think it’s important to acknowledge that Peyton deserves a lot of credit. Not just for breaking the record, but for showing the world he can play at elite level, on a different team, after 4 neck surgeries. This is the same guy that the Colts gave up on. The same guy that many said would never play football again, or that he would play it poorly. He is making tremendous throws. I know he has an All-Star cast, but 51 touchdowns is 51 touchdowns and he did it in 15 games. Also since we beat the Broncos this year, I feel much more comfortable giving props to Peyton. Just don’t anyone use this record as proof that Peyton is better than Brady. He’s not. 


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