Rogue Gets Cut from Newest X-Men Movie. Thank god.


This movie is instantly 50% better, simply because they cut Rogue. Awful character. Straight up awful. I’ve never read the comic books, but in the movies she was my least favorite character by a long shot. I’d rather have an X-Man who’s only power was being a laser pointer over her. Always whining. “I can’t touch Ice Man. I can’t make out with Ice Man. The last time I got to second base the guy died.” On and on her whining goes. Really a buzzkill. Also I’m pretty sure she was the most useless X-Man in the movies. Save for being a sacrificial lamb in one of Magneto’s devious plots, she did bupkiss. I don’t even think she kicked anyone’s ass. She could have literally killed people just by touching them and then hulked out with their mutant powers but she just wore gloves and minced around like Bambi.

Also Anna Paquin just doesn’t do it for me. At all. So this is basically a win-win. No Rogue. No having to look at Anna Paquin. Gonna be a great movie.


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