Pats Destroy the Ravens. Not Saying I Called it, But I 100000% Called It.


It’s funny. I’m pretty sure someone said that the Patriots would blow out the Ravens. Someone actually predicted a score of 28-10. Until Joe Flacco had to be removed from the game and the Ravens terrible backup QB gave the Patriots 14 points in under two minutes the score of the game was 27-7. If only this person had put it all in writing for the world to see. Perhaps in some sort of blog or something. Oh….that was me

I should have bet every cent I had on this game because I knew it from the get go. I honestly don’t know how people who have played in the NFL look at this game and go, “Well the Pats lost to the Dolphins, and the Ravens are “hot”. This game is gonna be a close one.” The Ravens are terrible. Terrible. Blah blah blah Joe Flacco’s knee. Shut up. Their receivers are trash. Their pass rush is trash. They are one of the most overrated teams in the NFL right now because apparently they are poised to “make a run” (I hate this phrase so much part of my soul dies when I type it). 

WE DESTROYED THEIR FUCKING RUN. I hope the Ravens win and the Dolphins lose so we can crush them again, if necessary. I had to listen to 3/4 of the game on the radio but it sounded like we basically steam rolled them into their mother’s graves. Our defense continues to be underrated because we have the 31st worst rush defense in the league. Are people dumb? Do you remember what happened in the Broncos game? Knowshon Moreno had like 221 yards. Kicked our ass right? BUT WE STILL WON BECAUSE HAVING AN AWESOME RUN GAME IS OVERRATED. Packers have a great run game but with Matt Flynn at the helm they are not Super Bowl contenders. Minnesota Vikings, best running back in the league and one of the worst offenses. 49ers had a losing streak when their passing game was inept. The Browns traded Trent Richardson and won more than ever. Shut up about the run game. It’s only use is to create better match-ups for your passing game, its not the main weapon. 

Logan Ryan is the best rookie we have by far. He’s looking like a rookie Devin McCourty out there. Hopefully his sophomore year goes better than McCourty’s did. Shane Vereen is dominant. Julian “Minitron” Edelman is the new Wes Welker except he doesn’t have a case of the high pressure dropsies. This team is going to the Super Bowl. Doesn’t matter if that road goes through Mile High. Doesn’t matter who we play in the AFC. We are going to the Super Bowl. This team doesn’t do anyone thing great. We’ll except one thing. Win.

See ya’ll in the Super Bowl. Brady lives for cold weather playoff games.  



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