“Critics” “Blast” Reddit for Banning Morons From Posting About Whether Global Warming is Real or Not



Do you see how many quotation marks I had to use in my title. Two different sets. That’s Fox News for you. Just blowing things way out proportion and being generally incorrect about everything. The only “critics” blasting Reddit are two dickhole columnists, neither of which believe in global warming. Beyond this, Reddit is banning the people from the SCIENCE FORUM. SCIENCE, AS IN FACTS AND SHIT NOT BULLSHIT POLITICAL OPINIONS. 

But Reddit is talking about something quite different. It’s talking about removing specific political opinions” – Brendan “I’m a dickhole” O’Neil, one of two Reddit critics. 

Hmmmm. Last time I checked science had fucking nothing to do with political opinions. Wait let me make sure I’m not out of date here. Nope says it right here on my open palm thats about to contact your motherfucking face. We don’t teach Creationism and we shouldn’t be debating in scientific forums anymore whether global warming is a thing. It is a thing. You could, perhaps, debate the extent to which the Earth would warm, or the damage it will do. BUT YOU CANNOT DEBATE THE FACT THAT HUMANS HAVE WARMED THE EARTH. 

The greenies — and their many useful idiots in the liberal media — are terrified of open debate on climate-change because the real world evidence long ago parted company with their scientifically threadbare theory,” Delingpole told FoxNews.com, arguing that Allen’s tactic is part of a “classic liberal defense mechanism: If the facts don’t support you, then close down the argument.” – James “I too am a dickhole” Delingpole. The other Reddit critic.

Terrified of an open debate? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN FOR THE PAST 15 YEARS WHERE THIS WAS OPENLY DEBATED AND FOUND TO BE TRUE, YOU ASSHOLE. I forgot that a few of us liberals (Al Gore and also Al Gore) apparently decided we wanted to make money off wind turbines and hybrid cars so just propaganda’d (New verb) everyone into believing this was a thing. Yeah totally checks out. When you have that many facts backing your argument its really hard to argue against. 

Because when I think great ways to stifle the “debate” on global warming I think banning people who post on the Reddit science forum, who are opposed to global warming. Yeah that will definitely, definitely quell this debate so the Jews….er…Greenies can go back to making money of windmills and shit. 

When is it going to end? When? How is this still a thing? My parents got to grow up through the Cold War and shit. I get to grow up through the “Great Debate” about global warming. I just want to pound my face into a wall. Year in and year out its the same fucking thing.

Science: We have data and facts that say a lot CO2 is accumulating and the Earth has been warming at an alarming rate. 

Skeptics: Yeah. I don’t know. I mean. It snowed last year. I don’t think global warming is a thing. Do you have any facts?

Science: …..Yes. I just showed you the facts and the data. 

Skeptics: Yeah but, I mean, is it really a thing. Like REALLY

Science: (Shoots self in the face)

It’s motherfucking nonsense. Stop it world. Stop it right now. Good for you Reddit. Keep upholding internet justice and I’ll do the same! 


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