Anyone Who Thinks the Ravens V Patrtiots Game is Going to be Close is a Fool


I was going to post this yesterday, and then I got lazy and what not so I just left it in my drafts. But you better believe Devin McCourty when he says this team would like nothing more than to ruin the Ravens’ season. If you think this game is going to be close you’re a fool. The Patriots are going to manhandle the Ravens all game long. The Ravens “improbable” wins have come against the Jets, Steelers, Vikings and Lions. All of these teams are laughable. The Lions could be something, but Mike Schwartz makes game time decisions like he’s only playing a game of Madden. “Up a couple scores? FAKE FIELD GOAL ON THE GOAL LINE!!!!” Idiot.

Point being, the Ravens have had to use up all their miracles on shit teams. You beat the Vikings by a field goal? How cute. I don’t care that the Patriots lost to the Dolphins. For whatever reason, The Dolphins always play us strong. Always. They’re like our Achilles Heel. God forbid they should get good enough that our intra-divisional games become critical for our playoff berth. It was also our first week without Gronk. You think there won’t be growing pains when you lose a player like that? Luckily we have old game plans from when he missed the first half of the season. But unluckily our rookies are out.

This game is going to be a train wreck for the Ravens. They’re not ready for it. They don’t want it. They can’t handle it. Chandler Jones is about to eat Michael Oher for lunch on Sunday.

Patriots win 28-10. COUNT IT.


One thought on “Anyone Who Thinks the Ravens V Patrtiots Game is Going to be Close is a Fool

  1. […] It’s funny. I’m pretty sure someone said that the Patriots would blow out the Ravens. Someone actually predicted a score of 28-10. Until Joe Flacco had to be removed from the game and the Ravens terrible backup QB gave the Patriots 14 points in under two minutes the score of the game was 27-7. If only this person had put it all in writing for the world to see. Perhaps in some sort of blog or something. Oh….that was me.  […]

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