Vitamin Pills: Apparently, They’re Useless


Vitamins don’t keep you sharp in your old age nor do they protect you from cancer. This means they are absolutely useless, according to some researchers. I’m actually pretty shocked. I always thought multi-vitamins did something for me. At least I know I’m not headed down the road to rickets because of my cheap ways. 

If you think about it thought, if your diet is so poor that you need a multivitamin to supplement the actual nutrients you are missing out on, you’re probably in a bad place. Like, probably needing to change your diet or the doctors are going to take your foot kind of bad place.

I never really thought about this to before, but its classic America that we have an entire industry ($28 billion industry) that is devoted to supplementing your diet with nutrients, because what you eat is so shitty it doesn’t contain any nutrients. Obviously there are health freaks and what not, eating salads and shit on top of the vitamins, but given that they’re called supplements it would imply they’re meant to pick up the slack on your shitty diet. “I’ve got it!! Rather than eating healthy, we’ll eat really shitty but come up with a pill that has the nutrients in it that are supposed to be in our food! That way we’ll still be leading healthy lives!” I feel like the person who invented vitamins also came up with the gimmick workout machines like the ab roller and the one that shocks the fuck out of your belly to give you “rock hard abs.” 


One thought on “Vitamin Pills: Apparently, They’re Useless

  1. rachel says:

    uh, actually this one too.

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