John Harbaugh Doesn’t Think Mike Tomlin Got in the Way on Purpose…


John Harbaugh: Patriots’ titles have asterisks, are stained

“In the end, everything is brought before the light of day,” Harbaugh said. “Even the thing in New England, no matter whether those things had any impact on whether they won their championships or not, they got asterisks now, it’s been stained. So to me, it’s never worth it. You’ve got to figure out ways to use the rules to your advantage.” – John Harbaugh

So I guess what he really meant was, its not cheating if you didn’t mean to do it. Fucking John Harbaugh. He’s one of the main reasons I fucking can’t stand the Ravens. They better get knocked the fuck out of the playoffs before I have to see them “make a run” for the Super Bowl again.

Mike Tomlin ends up on the mother fucking field getting in the direct line of your return man and Harbaugh comes out and says Tomlin didn’t mean to do it. But don’t get John started on Spygate. Oh no the Pats victories are totally tainted. Totally. 

God, I hate this shit. Maybe what Harbaugh meant was, its not cheating if you lose even though you were cheating. That’s probably what it is. He’s just a bitter bastard about losing to us nearly every time we play so I guess that’s why we get asterisks and Tomlin is just a shining beacon of sportsmanship. 

Can’t wait to shit on the Ravens on Sunday.

CAN’T WAIT! – TM Bart Scott. 

You think Bart Scott can actually sue someone over using Can’t wait? I seriously doubt it but better safe than sorry right?


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