Eli Manning: Still not even Close to Elite


Since the Patriots lost to the Dolphins, I have to do something to make myself feel better about it. What’s more of a perfect way than to talk about how much of a dick Eli Manning sucks. He sucks elephant cock right now. Just shoveling the whole thing down his stupid facehole. He threw 5 picks yesterday. With a smoking hot 16 TDs and 25 INTs Eli is eyeing a run at the Super Bowl, I can tell. 

Good thing he only costs $20.9 million dollars or 17% of the Giants total cap space. I’ve always liked franchise QBs like Eli. The kind that suck dick real hard, unless they have a fantastic ass team around them. I hope all you Eli Lovers take a long hard look at this season and then tell me with a straight face that Eli is elite. 

I think this pretty much ends the debate, right? Like before this season maybe someone is still so blinded by his 2 Super Bowl rings that his ineptitude is masked to them. But at this point you have to call a spade a spade and agree that Eli is terrible. Absolutely terrible. Hopefully he throws a pick next week and can go down in the record books. Most interceptions in a single season by a Giants QB: Eli Manning. That would make my day. 



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