NFL Ruining the New Pro Bowl Before it Even Airs


The NFL totally reformatted the Pro Bowl this year and I for one was excited. I mean, look at those uniforms. If that didn’t get you excited for the Pro Bowl I don’t know what would. Every year the Pro Bowl was pretty lackluster unless Adrian “Purple Jesus” Peterson was in the mix. He doesn’t take plays off. Even in Hawaii, in a meaningless game, AP is going for that Pro Bowl MVP.

With the new format there are more 2-minute drills, more incentives to gain yardage. No conference bullshit, just the best players in the world playing, essentially backyard football. I was so ready for this. 

Then the NFL goes and does the NFL thing. “Lets put the Pro Bowl draft, where we find out what players are going to be on which team on the NFL Network! Because nothing says appealing to a broader audience than putting the draft on a pay only NFL Network!” The NFL has got to be kidding me. This was their fucking chance to save the Pro Bowl. The last chance, before its so unpopular they just get rid of it and play reruns of the Simpsons or some shit instead. I would have loved to watch Neon Deion and Jerry Rice draft players. Two personalities like that, has to be a blast. Has to be. Plus I want to see what the players think of the teams they get drafted on. It was gonna be awesome. Now its gonna be just as boring as every other unwatched Pro Bowl. Thanks NFL. You’re doing great. Worst marketing scheme ever.


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