Is it Better Gronk got Hurt now Rather than in the Playoffs?



Here me out on this. I feel like Rob “The Glassman” Gronkowski was bound to get injured again at some point this season. Obviously, the ACL, MCL tear was a freak accident. I’m not one to label a player injury prone, but Gronk does seem to have a way of getting injured. He’s a huge man, who plays all out and it invariable has come back to haunt him year in and year out. 

The past few years the Pats have gotten bounced from the playoffs and suffered an unbearable defeat to the stupid fucking Giants. I feel like in all of these situations, Gronk was lost during the playoffs and it totally messed up our game plan. Gronk is obviously our best offensive weapon and a go to person in the red zone. He draws coverage and blocks like the Great Wall of China. So with him getting injured early on in the season, I think it gives us a better chance than people give us credit for. 

During a three game stretch from Week 2 to Week 5 we didn’t have Amendola, Gronk or Shane Vereen. We won all of those games and put up an average of 22 points. That was with the rookies fresh out of camp, looking like a bunch of baby giraffes galloping about the field. Granted we hadn’t racked up the defensive injuries, which have certainly taken a toll, but I think our offense will still be able to produce. Edelman is killing it, Amendola will have to step up along with the rookies, and Vereen will continue to be uncoverable. More importantly, Belichick is going to be able to see how teams approach the Gronkless Patriots defensively and he’ll be able to exploit some aspect of the coverage. 

Pats go 14-2 and win the Super Bowl. (I know that can’t go 14-2 anymore but I won’t stop predicting it nonetheless)


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