What in the Fuck is Klout????


Someone sent me an invite to Klout awhile ago and like a sucker I joined. I literally have no idea what Klout is. I just periodically get emails about my Klout score as if I give a fuck. Oh my Klout score went up? Jee great. Does that mean I get a pay raise or something? No its just some stupid, weird, arbitrary, social media metric? Fucking awesome I need some more of those in my life. I don’t have an Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit any of that shit. I don’t know what it is and I don’t wanna know. 

Worst part about Klout is that it sneaky makes me not want to delete my account. I could go through the effort of figuring out what Klout actually is, if it matters in anyway and how to delete my account OR I could just leave it. Let those Klout score emails pop in every once and awhile and maybe I’ll make millions off it somehow, like if I had purchased a bunch of bitcoins or something. 


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