3 Stabbed Outside Mile High After Broncos Lose



Wake up this morning, get into work, get myself ready for a busy day, pop on to NFL.com and it is loaded with blogging material. Just brimming with it. I thought Denver, Colorado was all hippies and shit. Apparently, its also got some die hard, stab happy, football fans. CLEAN IT UP DENVER! Seriously, this is Bush League shit. You wanna be the #1 seed in the AFC fine, but you better handle your losses, just as well as your victories. No one got stabbed after the Panthers game. No one got stabbed after the Jets game. I expect this out of Oakland, land of the crazies, but not you Denver. I’m shocked. Just shocked. 

I’d rub it in all of the Broncos fans faces’ that the Patriots are now basically guaranteed the #1 seed and home field advantage throughout the playoffs, but now I fear for my life. Make some smug remarks on a blog and then BAM! I’m gonna have a couple stab wounds faster than you can say, “Peyton choked. Brady is the best ever.”

Bet this wouldn’t have happened if pot were legal. Just saying. 


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