In Case you Were Wondering if Inbreeding/Incest is Bad…..It is.


You know how sometimes you hear something and you’re like, “No way! That can’t be real. I don’t believe it.” So you go out and you try it. Like if eating Mentos and soda makes you explode or something like that. Well in this case, it was inbreeding, like 3 generations of inbreeding. So if any of you were thinking, “How bad could inbreeding really be?” Apparently after 3 generations of it, everyone is blind or deaf and can’t do that whole “intelligible speech” thing. 

So that’s pretty bad. I’m amazed this was even a thing. Guess that’s Australia for you though. They have so much uninhabited land, how could a three generation colony of inbreeding monsters not hide somewhere, with a small network of huts. Guaranteed there is going to be a horror movie about this in like 5-7 years, BASED ON TRUE EVENTS. Mark my words. Its gonna be some dumbass title too like, the Plateaus Have Eyes, Australian Chernoble or Inbred Australians Eat Your Fucking Face. Something along those lines.

What do you even do if you’re the government here? I’m really glad I’m not any type of official in this district. Can’t put them in school. Do you really want to relocate them? Do they even want to be relocated? Do you forcibly give all the males a vasectomy and just let the whole thing sort itself out? That’s a whole can of worms I can’t imagine dealing with.

Good luck Australia! Good luck.  


One thought on “In Case you Were Wondering if Inbreeding/Incest is Bad…..It is.

  1. This type of shit is mostly common in Indigenous families, they like shagging their sisters and cousins since they can’t find anyone else to screw.

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