Mike Shanahan Benching RGIII. FIRE HIM, ALREADY!



Yes. RGIII has not looked great or even good really this season compared to last. Yes. At the beginning of the season, the health of his knee was in question and people were concerned he might get re-injured. At this point in the year however, you can’t just fucking throw in the towel. It’s nonsensical. You know what helps players get better at their position? ACTUALLY PLAYING IN THE FUCKING GAMES. If you start Kirk Cousins, RGIII is going to be losing first team reps and actual experience in games. Maybe address the issue that your offensive line is so bad you’re literally concerned for your starting quarterbacks health. Maybe address the issue that your play calling is so bad RGIII is getting sacked all the time. Maybe address the issue that your defense has given up the most points in the NFL, is tied for 23rd in sacks, and 6th in yards given up.

It doesn’t really help having the number 2 offense in rushing when you’re giving up the most points in the NFL. You kind of need defense for that to work. I think everyone has to go for the Redskins to get better. When London Fletcher, who is older than father time himself, is still a centerpiece of your defense, you maybe want to get some young blood in there. But you spent all your draft picks on RGIII and now you’re benching him? Makes no sense. If Shanahan wanted to keep his job he should have fired his defensive coordinator weeks ago, pick a blowout and fire him right after it. The defense is absolutely awful.

The play calling doesn’t help either. I’m willing to bet they ‘Skins are 2nd in rushing yards because they have RGIII and because they call a run play on 1st and 2nd down like its their job. I’m confident Kyle Shanahan has like 2 passing plays in each formation and the rest of his playbook is just rushing plays. 

Remember when Shanahan was with the Broncos and people used to compare him to Belichick? Guess we can put an end to that comparison. There is only One Belichick to Rule them All


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