There is no Such Thing as Healthy Obesity. Mind Blown.


I always assumed Mike and Molly were totally healthy individuals with no repercussions whatsoever from having hundreds of extra pounds crushing all of their joints.  

“We found that people with obesity, metabolically healthy obesity, they had 24 per cent [greater risk of] more events — cardiovascular events, heart attack, stroke and death” Pretty cut and dry here. 1/4 increase in death if you’re obese. And yet somehow, someway people find a way to make this study personal.”I’d be interested in knowing who their subjects were,” Gracan said of the findings. To generalize and to say that larger people are unhealthy is a stereotype,” added Gracan. Shit like this bothers me to no end. No one said you we’re unhealthy Gracan. All they said was “If you are obese you have a greater risk of dying.” Why is that so hard to hear? It’s not a fucking stereotype, its a fact. Facts are facts.

When someone says, “Coffee increases your risk of stroke by 25%” I don’t hear anyone questioning the fucking coffee, going to bat for its fucking rights. “I’d really like to know where the coffee came from that they tested and what brands they were using. I drink Folgers everyday and I haven’t had stroke yet. I think its judgmental to say ALL coffee increases your risk of stroke by 25%.” But throw the word obese out there and you’re going the fuck down. Not a chance your “science”, “facts” and “statistics” don’t get shat on by the obese of the world.



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