If You Use Bing You’re A LOSER!



Bing came up last night in conversation, probably because one of their edgy, in your face, ads for the search engine came on the TV. The general consensus is that Bing is terrible. The number one thing I search on Bing is Google. This lead me to wonder what the most Bing’d words/phrases etc are on Bing. Well, pretty sure Bing is fudging their data in a big way. Google has to be on the list. Absolutely has to be. There is no way Google is not at least in the top 100 things that are Bing’d. I did some Googling and found that Google never appears in the Bing statistics and I call shenanigans.

Also remember when Bing used to try to be different from Google and looked all weird and shit? Well, Google/Bing Rob Gronkowski and the pages are basically identical. But Bing is losing Microsoft a shit load of money. I never understood why Microsoft got in the search engine game against Google. Maybe if you started early on and not when Google had established itself as KingLord of the search engines, Bing might have had a shot. But Microsoft waited and then thought they should throw their hat in the ring like that was a good idea. Just get rid of Bing Microsoft. Its like that car thats worth maybe $500 but you spend thousands just to keep it running because you’re too lazy to get a new one. Move on Microsoft. Its over. 

Yes I did invent a new title and I would like to now proclaim myself KingLord of the Blogosphere. 


One thought on “If You Use Bing You’re A LOSER!

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