Going Down the Obesity Rabbit Hole. Plus Size Gym Doesn’t Allow Thin People to Join



The concept of “safe environments” for heavier women made headlines last year when Vancouver’s Body Exchange said it discouraged thin women from participating.

Louise Green says if a woman who wasn’t plus-sized showed an interest in joining, she would be asked, “How are we best serving you?”

Well what the fuck is this shit? I forgot it was ok to be prejudiced against skinny people because they’re all judgmental bitches anyway, right? This gym totally isn’t even stereotyping. I mean its the truth. Skinny people walk around, strutting their stuff like they’re all that, judging me and what not. Well I’ll make a gym where they can’t join because they’re all douchebags.

But if someone publishes a paper saying its unhealthy to be obese, that’s fucking stereotyping. I just want to scream in the faces of a lot of people sometime. “How are we best serving you?” Is probably the iciest, most judgmental way to tell a skinny person to fuck herself for being thin.

You know what happens when you Google “Gym won’t allow overweight people to join”. Try it. You get a shitload of links to gyms that won’t let thin people join, often written about in an uplifting light. You know why there are 0 results for gyms that don’t let fat people join? Because the last gym that said a fat person couldn’t join probably got burned to the ground by a torch and pitchfork mob.

“But Captain Salami, thin people can go to a regular gym” PIPE DOWN ASSHOLE. Everyone can go to a regular gym. EVERYONE. But a skinny person can’t go to a skinny person gym because “that’s prejudiced and wrong.” You can only be prejudiced and wrong if you’re overweight. Duh. Biggest double standard in America. Same thing for Women’s Only Gyms. Find me a Men’s only gym that’s not specifically targeted toward gay men (the only one I found when I googled it was for “you know, men lookin’ for other men”).

If this teaches me anything its that its only ok for me to be biased, prejudiced and sexist if I’m insecure about my body in anyway. Damn……..Missed the boat on that 😦


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