Gary Kubiak Gets Shit Canned



This is a great power move by the Texans owner, Bob McNair. When the head choke, excuse me, head coach gets fired everyone knows their ass is on the line too. As I said, on paper, this was a playoff caliber team. Defensive rookie of the year, Andre Johnson, Foster and Tate in the backfield, Jonathon Joseph at CB and Brian Cushing before his knee exploded again. They had real potential and Kubiak blew it. I think its good policy that if you loose twice in one season to the Jacksonville Jaguars you get fired. 

Wade Phillips is gonna be the interim coach and probably the head coach by next year. Though their defense has been absolute shit so I’m not sure where they go from here. I don’t think there are many head coach prospects out there. A dark day for Texan fans. What looked like a good run of winning season and playoff berths is probably going to be squandered in ambiguity and failure. 

Thus starts the Letterman Jacket curse. Act tough. Wear stupid ass Letterman Jackets like you’re still in high school. Get reamed out TWICE by the Patriots and spiral out of control until your head coach gets fired. The Patriots don’t just win games, apparently we crush your spirit into oblivion too.


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