Truck Carrying Dangerous Radioactive Material Stolen in….Wait for it…..MEXICO!!!


This is what happens when you store your radioactive waste in Mexico. Sometimes it gets stolen. Now, given that this story is coming out of the US media as breaking news I have little to no details to work off of. They don’t know who did it. They don’t know why they did it. All they know is that a radioactive truck got stolen from a Mexican gas station.

This has lead me to the conclusion that the truck driver 100% left the keys in the ignition when he went into the gas station to get porno mags and Redbull. Only logical explanation really. They don’t know who took the truck, so it definitely wasn’t some terrorist cell, plus the driver wasn’t killed or kidnapped from what I can tell. That rules out all big crime organizations. Truck gets stolen in some podunk Mexican town by some idiot who thinks he’s getting a truck and that’s all. He probably didn’t sign up for an international investigation or deadly cobalt. This driver must be so pissed. Probably told the authorities the keys were pickpocketed or something. But we all know the truth. You thought it was safe to leave the trunk running while you got a copy of Jugs and Ammo and a Redbull. Tough break buddy.

Gotta love Mexico. Its like a foreign Detroit!


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