Patriots Prove, Once Again, There is no Better 2nd Half Team in the NFL



Love this picture. Has nothing to do with the game. Just looks like Bill and Tom judging the shit out of someone. Talking so much shit under their breath about whoever their looking at. 

After an underwhelming 1st half, the Patriots came out swinging once again, and took it to the Texans. This game really showed what our offense can do and how far we’ve come from the first 3 weeks of the NFL season. Gronk is looking more and more like the Gronk of old, which must be terrifying for other teams. Kenbrell Thompkins had a great catch but injured himself, unfortunately. We showed our run game can handle the loss of Stevan Ridley. Finally, Julian Edelman is proving he’s like a clutch Wes Welker. Just doesn’t drop the ball ever and makes great drive saving catches like its his job (which it is).

A lot of people are acting like the Pats should have blown out the Texans. As if this game proves, somehow, that the Patriots really aren’t as good as their win against the Broncos made them seem. The conclusion I’ve come to is that most people are soft in the head. Just like 4-10 eggs short of a dozen. Dimly lit lightbulbs at best. Nails that have no point on them. Just dumb people basically, in case any of you reading didn’t get my metaphors. 

The Houston Texans, yes this very 2-10 team, were labeled Super Bowl contenders at the beginning of this year. If you don’t believe me just google it. People had Houston beating Denver in the AFC championship game. “But Captain Salami, they’re so bad. They’re 2-10. The Patriots suck because they barely beat them. How could anyone have thought they would make it to the Super Bowl?” I’ll tell you how you fucktards, because the Texans are stacked with talent. Remember when the Colts Tanked for Luck, were like 0-14 and some reporter asked Belichick if the Pats would learn anything from the game and he basically spat in her face. Same thing here. J.J. Watt is still one of the best DE in the league. Jonathon Joseph is a top tier cornerback. The rest of their defense is no slouch. Andre Johnson is a fucking beast, and DeAndre Hopkins has proved he provides a great 1-2 punch with Johnson. Their O-line has at least 2 pro-bowlers on it. Don’t fucking tell me the Pats should have blown the Texans out. The difference between the Texans season being where it is now and being playoff contenders are a bunch of Schaub pick 6’s, Tate’s broken ribs, and Arian Foster’s broken back. This is a good football team who played like they should have all year against the Pats. 

The biggest concern I have after this game is with our secondary. Looked like the Pats of yesteryear. Just blown coverages. Andre Johnson WIDE OPEN for no apparent reason. Kyle Arrington looking like a dog after you fake throw the ball and they chase after it then look around bewildered. He lost the ball, the man and his dignity on that bomb to Hopkins. Hopefully, with Dennard’s return, the secondary gets back to looking in tip-top shape.

These last 4 games are crucial for the Patriots. We have a lot of players who are playing banged up and a bye week would give us some much needed rest. The Browns are gonna be a tough team to beat. Their offense may be suspect, but their defense is young and very good. 

Pats win: 21-14


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