Antonio Smith Says the Patriots are Cheaters and Must Have Spied on the Texans


Nothing says “I spied on you to get the edge in a game” like going into halftime down 7-17. Antonio Smith is definitely not some type of freak retard man-child. I mean do you see how normal his face is? He is definitely, definitely a regular person who is the authority on Patriots cheating. I mean given that his full time job is as a detective I think we should all listen to what he is saying here about the cheating. What’s that you say? He is actually a football player and paid to be the most athletically gifted individual he can be? He hasn’t had to use his pea brain in over twenty years? Well this changes everything. 

I honestly love the fact that Belichick’s halftime adjustments were so bewildering, that the only logical conclusion Antonio Smith could come to was that we spied on them. “Coach how’d he change what he was doing from the 1st half to the 2nd half?” Is that the equivalent of sorcery to Antonio Smith? I think for all intensive purposes Bill Belichick is like David Blaine or Gandalf in Smith’s eyes. He has no idea what transpired.

This begs the question, what do the Texans do during halftime? Given their record, I think Gary Kubiak must be bringing in the AFLAC duck for mid game speeches. Gary doesn’t seem like too charismatic of a guy. Seems like he lurks in the corner and lets the duck do the talking while he rubs Matt Schaub’s bald head and whispers, “My Preciousssssssssssssss”.

P.S. Fuck the Texans. Mother Fuckers are 2-10 and you’re gonna open your mouth about cheating? You lost to the fucking Jaguars. Did they change what they were doing after halftime too? Dickhole. 


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