Walmart Holds Internal Food Drive for Poor Employees



Wal-Mart has caught some flak by having an internal food drive. Initially, I wrote this blog kind of siding with Wal-Mart. I know shocking right? But I thought people were jumping to conclusions about how much the workers were paid and part time versus full time whatever. It seemed reasonable to me that some people in the company would make more than others and could donate food to the greeters who probably make like 50 cents an hour. 

Well, boy was I wrong. I did some research leading me to this conclusion: Fuck Wal-Mart. They basically only hire part time employees. Why you ask? So they don’t have to give them benefits. You know who they do hire though? Consultants, to help their part-time workers sign up for Medicaid. That way my tax payer dollars can go to caring for Wal-Mart workers so Wal-Mart doesn’t have to, because that makes sense right?

At least Wal-Mart has been “suffering” because of this decision. Their stores are poorly stocked, with little customer service so their sales have dropped off along with their customer satisfaction. So I’m glad Wal-Mart is getting some heat from this dumb food drive. Eat a dick Wal-Mart. Greedy bastards. 


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