The Pats are 5th in the Power Rankings and I’m not Even Mad



Frankly, I don’t need any outside validation to feel good about the Patriots right now. I’m still riding high of that win against the Broncos. But I tell you what, I love the top 5 of this weeks power rankings. You know why? Because save for the Seahawks, we’ve beaten them all and only one of them is in the AFC. “But Captain Salami, the Patriots lost to the Panthers!” SHUT YOUR PIG MOUTH. Seriously though, that call at the end was trash, Shane Vereen is only getting better and Aqib Talib shut down Demariyus Thomas, so obviously he was just rusty against Steve Smith. The Seahawks lost their second best cornerback, Brandon Browner, for the year. I think their offense is suspect but we’ll see how it all plays out Monday night when they play the Saints. Long story short, the path to the Super Bowl is looking pretty good for the Patriots. 

I’d almost rather play the Broncos again than the Chiefs, if I had to choose. I don’t know how well our defense can handle the rushing game that the Chiefs bring to the table. Without Big Vince, I’m a little bit afraid. Yeah, that’s how much we own Peyton. I’d rather play him than Alex Smith.

Bottomline, Pats are 2 wins away from clinching the AFC East. With the Colts embarrassing loss last week, the Pats are sitting pretty to keep the #2 spot and a bye week. I think this year, with the rookies and injuries, a bye week is exactly what the doctored ordered. I can’t wait until Shane Vereen can take off that fucking wrist brace. Every time he goes out on a wheel route I have to watch as he drops a beautiful pass from Brady because the ball bounces off that fucker. Its such a cock tease to have him back but not really back. It’s like Gronk with his “One Brace to Rule Them All”. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t lift that thing if I tried. It must be slowing him down. No way he can pump his arms as fast with half a suit of armor stuck to him.

Note: I’m so pissed we got fucked twice on calls at the end of games. Now the Pats are gonna finish 13-3 and I’m gonna look like an asshole with my 14-2 prediction. Fucking refs. 


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