Parents Overly Involved in College Students’ Lives


Surprise, surprise. Doing literally everything for your kids has a negative effect on them and leads to them being incompetent. Who would have thunk it? Any parent calling a teacher to complain about their child’s grade, regardless of age, should get a fucking life. Have you nothing better to do?

“Students are referred to as “teacups.” “They’re so fragile, they break easily,” I mean could generation Y or whatever the fuck we’re called get any worse. I think we’re the worst generation since ever. You have generations fighting wars. The civil rights movement. Doing shit loads of drugs. Then us. The fucking shits with too much technology who can’t handle the real world and suck at just about everything. I think I’m just gonna start telling people I was born in the 70s and have the mutant power of Wolverine or something so they don’t assume I’m a little bitch.

Now I write a lot about how much parents suck and hover/helicopter about their kids, but at some point I have to put some blame on the kids. Do you remember when getting hugs, kisses, and generally interacting with a parent was seen as gross and embarrassing? God forbid your Mom should hug you in front of some friends. You were gonna be picking spitballs out of your hair for weeks. Now we just take it? Well into our adult life too. Like if you aren’t absolutely mortified, like to the point of death, that your mom is with you trying to get you a job, its game over. You’re already too far gone. Its like in zombie movies when someone tries to hide that they’ve been bit and then its too late. Everyone in the group finds out and then they have to put you down. Well….that’s the situation for you ass hats out their with your moms on your job interviews.

P.S. I think if a teacup student was called a teacup they would break. I love that kind of irony. If I call you the name I came up with based on your fragility and you break…. It doesn’t get better than that really.

P.P.S. Just noticed that kid in the picture was smiling about being bubblewrapped by his mom. Fucking teacup.


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