Georgia Juror Form Lists Slave as an Occupation in the Drop-down Menu. Oops.


Probably the most hilarious story I saw today and I can’t figure out why. Its just so Deep South it hurts. Of course someone found the occupation “slave” on a juror form in Georgia. Of course they did. If you told me this morning that this would happen I would have laughed and said, “Sounds about right”. 

“That is not an occupation, slave is not an occupation,” said Cheryl Glass. Cheryl Glass knows a thing or two about occupations. That’s not one of ’em. I love Georgia trying to play it off like maybe it was a glitch in going from paper questionnaires to online forms. Totally Georgia. Someone accidentally added the occupation slave because….that’s such an easy mistake to make. “Oops. See I must have accidentally typed in the word slave somehow in the code….yeah….Definitely didn’t see it in the questionnaire I was using as a template….”

“Court Administrator Cathy McCumber…says the list of occupations is 62 pages long, so she’s not sure if the word slave has always been on it, or if it was added before the questionnaire went online to the public”. And obviously there’s no way of obtaining this 62 page questionnaire and actually looking at it right? No sir. They burned every last one of ’em as soon as they went online. Didn’t even keep one hard copy of the questionnaire, no way. 

I think the worst/best part about this story is that the list itself was created 13 years ago. So that means that in the year 2000 someone thought it was a good idea to list slave as an occupation. I just don’t even understand how their’s still racism in America. Fucking Georgia. Always throwing me for a loop. 


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