So…I Think We can All Agree Tom Brady is Better than Peyton Manning


I still have a raging boner from last nights game and I’m not afraid to say it. First and foremost I’d like to say that if you still think Peyton Manning is better than Tom Brady, we can no longer even discuss it, you just have to leave. This is exactly what I’ve wanted for years. A statement win, that epitomizes the stark differences between Brady and Manning. Like Mannings entire football career, he had this game handed to him on a silver platter. Up 24-0 after 1 half of football. The “best” receiving core/offense in the NFL (Fuck off if you’re gonna talk about Julius Thomas not being there). All of this, and he loses the fucking game. Scored once in the 2nd half. Saw some article talking about how Peyton picked apart the pats defense to score in the 4th. Yeah. What about the other 55+ minutes where he was no where to be found. Brady on the other hand had to fight to get to where he is today. Didn’t start in college. Drafted in the 6th round. Consistently has no name receivers on the team. Comes back from the biggest deficit in team history to win against the “Best Team in the NFL”.

Now that being said, I don’t get tired of being right. I really don’t. So if people start putting some faith in my predictions maybe I’ll be a little less smug about it. I predicted a Patriots victory 31-21. While, the score was actually 34-31, friends and family ridiculed me saying how it was gonna be a shoot out. Manning is the best. Our defense is a sieve. All that jazz. Well would you look at that? Manning scored once in the second half. If he hadn’t Brady’d it and just thrown the classic clutch Manning pick instead score would have been 31-24.

I do want to call attention to one play in particular. Late in the game, Demaryius Thomas runs a streak. Manning, not on the same page as Thomas, thinks he’s running a hitch route. Aqib Talib does hold on to Thomas a little bit and hooks him with his arm, but Talib sees the throw comes in underneath Thomas and picks it without Thomas even seeing the throw. Refs throw a flag for holding. DOES THAT PLAY SOUND FAMILIAR!?!?! Fuck you NFL. Mother Fuckers. Thomas had 0 chance to make a play on the ball. 0. Didn’t even see the ball. But somehow that’s a hold and the Gronkowski play is correct because the refs had a fucking conference and decided the wrong call was ok? Gimme a fucking break.

If you follow that link, you’ll see the game highlights so you can recharge your sports boner throughout the day. Also it has the exact interception play I’m talking about. See for yourself. If that’s holding, Gronk got held. I don’t know how it was even a question. Looking at you Dad.

Finally, I’d like to close by telling Knowshon Moreno, that he is bad and our game plan was, in fact, TO LET HIM RUN THE BALL LIKE HE DID. He must be soft in the head. He must be. Acting like he’s fucking Barry Sanders out there. We put in personnel, specifically to cover the PASS (shocker I know) and let him run the ball. Does he realize that it only took a 4 man rush which included 2 small rookies and Brandon Spikes to shut him down when it mattered? Anyway Lesean Mccoy said it best, “Knowshown Sucks”

P.S. If you watch those highlights, either Michael Irvin or Deion Sanders, talks about hitting a blunt. Hilarious.

P.P.S. Aqib Talib is the Defensive Player of the game along with Dane Fletcher. They were huge. HUGE! We need to sign Talib in the offseason. I have to have him. I must.


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