Semen is ‘Good for Women’s Health and Helps Fight Depression’



I’d like to start off by saying don’t google semen. Just don’t do it. I did it. Thought I was mature and shit. Ready to handle whatever google images threw at me, so I could find an appealing and possibly humorous image to pair with this blog. Unfortunately, I was nauseated and found that lots of pictures of semen and horses mounting other horses disgust me on a visceral level. So now that I have this nice appealing bottle of supplemental semen we can move on. 

As if today couldn’t get any better, huh? Not only did the Pats win last night, but now, we men have a convincing and scientific argument for receiving more blowjobs. Look, I’ll be the first to take one for the team. I’ll bravely submit to more blowjobs for the sake of mental and general health. I know. I’m a better and more generous person than you are. Its ok. Not everyone can be a saint like me. 

By contrast, sexually active heterosexual women, including self-described ‘promiscuous’women, who used condoms were just as depressed as those practicing total abstinence.” 

I’m gonna be honest, I kind of thought this study was bunk before this part of it. I was just gonna blog for the sanctity of blowjobs everywhere and say that it was really science. This, however seems to indicate there is some validity to getting some semen int he system. I guess the old saying “She needs to get laid” referencing uptight and upset women needs some revision. “She needs to get raw-dogged” should be the new saying, at least from a scientific stand point. You’re welcome. 


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