The Jets are Comically Bad


Last week after a rough Patriots loss, Jets fans were coming out of the woodworking chirping at Patriots fans. “Ohhh doesn’t matter the Jets lost the Pats lost too and we hate them. OOOO Jets are coming” blah blah blah. Saw Jets fans saying they like Pats losses more than Jets wins.

Well this week the Jets, once again, looked just as bad or worse than they did with Mark Sanchez. Geno Smith was a hot 9/22 with 122 yards passing and 2 INTs. Their defense has always been decent, but they just get butt fucked because they get no rest throughout the game. Leading rusher had 41 yards on the day. Just beautiful. I revel in those. If I could collect enough of them, I would marinate my balls in the tears of Jets fans. Its just the best feeling to see them speculate on how to drag their turd of a franchise out of the bowls of failure and mediocrity.

Drink it in Jets fans. Drink it in. Your team is trash. Your QB is trash. Your head coach likes to lick feet and eat trash. YOUR MUFF IS CABBAGE BITCHES. I’ll see you when the Pats have won the AFC East handily and have the #2 seed and a bye. SUCKERS.


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