Senate Democrats Tell Repubs “EAT SHIT!” Pass Rule Changing Filibusters



Seems like the party lines are getting pretty thick. Not very much bipartisan leadership here. Where’s that maverick John Mccain when you need him. He always worked bipartisanly to pass shit and what not. 

But in all seriousness this is what happens when you try to fuck with the majority. You get your shit pushed in. Maybe, just maybe, instead of filibustering like assholes, the Republicans use what little leverage they had to try to get compromises and Republican backed bills passed. I don’t know I’m just spit balling here but you can’t just say, “Well we know we’re the minority, but we’re gonna fuck with you till you take us seriously” Probably gonna end poorly and it did. 

All the filibuster rule does is make it so a simple majority, ie 51 votes in the Senate, can block a filibuster, which would otherwise prevent a nominee from being confirmed. So now people who Barack Obama elects to fill executive positions can actually be put in those positions and do shit. 

My only qualm with this is that I’m concerned its all part of the Republican agenda. They’re just baiting the Democrats into passing all these rules to give the majority more power and then BLAMO! The Republicans somehow get the Presidency or control of the Senate and its like fucking 1984 in here. Newspeak. Rounding up of Democrats and sending them off to Alaska. Sarah Palin becomes overlord or some shit. 

…..Think about it. 


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