Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars are Coming



Hydrogen fuel cell cars are, apparently, the next big thing. No emissions except water. Its a pretty sweet deal. Like most alternative fuel cars, the infrastructure is not there. Its not going to be there until someone tries to get these cars out in the market and demand for fueling stations rise. Tesla is doing it and I feel like they’re paving the way on how to build the infrastructure for alternative fueling stations. Aside from all this hippie dippy Earth loving stuff, I have some major qualms with the car industry/hydrogen fuel cell cars. 

When are we getting cool ass looking cars. Like I thought by the 21st century every car was basically supposed to look like a Lamborghini. Last time I checked, the Toyota Yaris are still roaming the roads looking like fucking Buggalo from Futurama. I’ve seen Minority Report. I know what cars are supposed to look like and frankly the ones we have now look like turds compared to that. 

Back to the whole hydrogen fuel cell thing though. I think the biggest concern is having millions of Hindenbergs on the highway. Every time there’s a car crash its going to be “Oh the HUMANITY!” There’s a lot of car crashes in America. I don’t know how many are bad enough that a fuel cell could rupture or whatever but I’m pretty sure I don’t need a head on collision turning into a giant fucking explosion. So when they market these things, it better not be some fucking weird ass commercial with horses frolicking in a buttercup laden field and then a car rising from the mouth of a volcano as opera plays in the background. It better be exactly what the fuck you did to make sure I don’t play up and a bunch of crash test dummies getting smashed in your vehicle, without exploding. Then I’ll think about buying your hydrogen fuel cell car. 

Fucking car commercials. So po-mo nowadays. 



If you can tell which is the buggalo and which is the Yaris I’ll give you $100. 

P.S. If you say you can tell, you’re a liar. So no one get $$$ but me. 


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