85 Year Old Korean War Vet Proves No One Should Ever Travel to North Korea. Ever.


I think Simba and Mufasa were actually talking about North Korea in The Lion King.

“Look Simba. Everything the light touches is our Kingdom.

“Everything the light touches…What about that shadowy place?

“That is North Korea. You must never go there.”

Why you would want to travel to North Korea I have absolutely no idea. Like from a voyeur perspective I can see that. But I’ll take watching documentaries on Netflix from the safety of my couch rather than actually traveling there. I don’t want to go anywhere where the government can just say “Him! He doesn’t leave!” and that’s that. The US literally can’t do anything once they detain you. North Korea has held a dude captive for over a year now. I’m not trying to fuck with that. Knowing me I’d almost certainly say something extremely off color and that would be the end of it.

“You know. You guys did pretty well in the Korean War. Thought the US would have kicked your ass but you really held your ground”

Boom. Buh Bye. Labor camp for life. If you go to North Korea, you’re kind of asking to be detained. It’s like putting your head in an alligator’s mouth. You may make it out unscathed, but if you get your head bitten off no one is going to be surprised or sympathetic.


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