US Exterminates White Supremacist Serial Killer


Little known fact about me, I’m 100% ok with the death penalty. I know its a hot button issue, there’s a lot of cons and what not. Government shouldn’t kill people, its more expensive than life sentences, innocent people have been executed before. I get it. No innocent person should be killed ever and a life sentence allows for more evidence to come in and help innocent people get released. I understand all of that, but there is nothing more viscerally satisfying than having monsters like these wiped from the face of the Earth. Maybe that’s selfish, but that’s the way I see it. 

This guy targeted blacks and Jews, said he was doing god’s work and tried to assassinate a couple of people. Left one of them paralyzed. Blamed for 22 killings over the course of 3 years. In the title I used the word exterminated because when you’re scum like this, you don’t deserve the shred of dignity that comes with the word executed. I also revel in the fact that this man was actually terrified of what was coming. I doubt life in prison would have been one iota as awful as what this man felt in the days coming up to his death. He refused his last meal. Gave no comment. You don’t refuse your last meal unless you are really, really scared. When you do the shit this guy did, you deserve every second of it.

On a less serious note, his defense attorney argued that the drugs they do lethal injection with are painful or some shit. That was his last ditch attempt to avoid the death penalty. I’ve always argued that if a state is going to use the death penalty, it should be mandated that they use the guillotine. Painless, quick, effective and cheap. I passed a bill in Model Congress in my small committee and in the full committee, which was full of kids from around the New England area, that mandated this exact thing. So what I’m saying is, if you vote Captain Salami for Congress, I’ll be sure to get the guillotine as the mandated method of the death penalty. 


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