Restrictive Texas Abortion Law Upheld by US Supreme Court



Link to actual bill: Texas Senate Bill 5

I’ve done a decent amount of research on this bill because, since I don’t have lady parts, I need to be well informed to talk about stuff like abortions. This article makes it seem like the only purpose of this bill is to restrict abortions in Texas and keep women from having them. This bill is not that cut and dry though. The stipulation that the doctor performing the abortion have attending privileges, seems to be rooted in concern for the patient. Attending privileges means, that if I were to get an abortion and have medical complications that need surgery, the doctor who gave me the abortion could admit me to a hospital and attend to my medical needs at said hospital. Though complications from abortion don’t seem to be too high, I think this is actually a good idea.

I talked with a doctor before I wrote this article to get her stance. If you don’t have this law in place, someone can get an abortion and then when complications arise, go to a hospital that has no doctors who know how to handle abortion complications. Knowing how to perform an abortion and the complications that go along with it is an optional track in medicine. OBGYNs don’t necessarily know how to handle or perform abortions, so ending up at a random hospital with a complication due to abortion does not seem like a good thing.

I think, perhaps, this bill has just exposed a flaw in the current medical infrastructure in Texas. There is some concern that neighboring religious hospitals will not grant doctors who perform abortions attending privileges. So perhaps, there needs to be some law in place to disallow this. But the other glaring issue, is that many of these abortion clinics are not close enough to a hospital (30 miles as stipulated by this bill) to remain open under this law. I’m not sure about the statistics about how far the average clinic is from a hospital, but it seems like a bad idea to be doing abortions more than 30 miles from the nearest hospital, if you don’t have the infrastructure at the clinic to deal with the complications. 

Again, I don’t know how many complications there are in Texas. I do know that perhaps instead of demanding you shouldn’t be prevented from abortion because of your zip code, the protesters should focusing on getting better medical facilities closer to the people in question. 


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