GronkGrabGate, Stevan Ridley’s Fumblitis and Other Thoughts From a Tough Pats Loss


Obviously I’m going to have to start by addressing this call. The game shouldn’t have come down to this play, Ridley shouldn’t have fumbled, all that jazz, but the game did come down to this play and the Refs blew the call like I’ve never seen a call blown before in my life. Oh wait I have, it was that Baltimore Ravens game with replacement refs and no review of a fully missed field goal. So as you can see from the picture above Kuechly is holding Gronk back like Gronk is trying to fight somebody, “HOLD ME BACK BRO! HOLD ME BACK! YOU’RE LUCKY MY BRO IS HOLDING ME BACK!” I don’t where the fuck the ball was thrown as long as it was in the field of play this is at least holding 5 yds and a first down and at best pass interference. They call holding on the other side of the field all the time on DBs. All the time. The ball doesn’t have to be thrown to them for it to be holding. According to these fucking jabronis, because the ball was intercepted Gronk clearly couldn’t have even made a play on it and therefore it doesn’t matter. So from now on, its not pass interference if you intercept the ball and interfere with a player so much that they literally couldn’t have made a play on it. Good to know.

The sad part about this play is it is going to take a lot away from an outstanding performance by the Panthers. Have to give credit where credit is due. Cam was slipperier than a watermelon covered in vaseline. He got some third and long conversions by evading what seemed like the entire Patriots team and scrambling. He also made some great throws and didn’t force any bad ones. He looked poised in the pocket and had some great drives.

The Panthers defense was out of control. Their front 4 gave us trouble all day long. The O-line had more holes in it than my dad’s socks (backyard football announcer voice). Luke Keuchly is fucking amazing. He’s a damn workhorse. He was all over the field and made seemingly every tackle for the Panthers (including the one on Gronk in the back of the endzone….).

Despite this tough defense, the Pats offense looked really good. Ridley consistently got out of the backfield when it seemed for sure it would be a tackle for a loss and would squeeze out at least three yards. If he hadn’t fumbled, we win that game for sure. His fumblitis might be back, but at this point we have to stick with him and pray he holds on. He was too good to bench. Shane Vereen made some great plays and gives us a lot more versatility in the backfield. All in all we played a heck of a game on both sides of the ball, and in any close game like this, it comes down to a couple of plays that you wish you could do over.

The best part about being a Patriots fan though, is that this loss literally doesn’t matter. We’re 2 games ahead of everyone in our division with 6 games left in the season. Our last 2 games are against the Dolphins and the Bills. We hold our fate in our hands and we will win the division regardless of this loss. If you think anyone in our division is winning more than 8 games you’re a fool. And we’re still in the running for #2 seed and a bye. If we beat the Broncos, we have a great shot at it.


P.S. Fuck the Jets.

P.P.S. Forgot to link the official report from the referees on the call. Anyone who uses “in essence” that many times in one response knows he fucked up bad. Really bad. 6 times? In essence, he sounds like a guilty mother fucker.


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