Redskins Look Really Really Bad in Loss to Eagles



With the Pats playing on MNF, I decided to watch the Redskins Eagles game. Classic rivalry, plus I had Lesean Mccoy and Nick Foles playing on my fantasy team and they did not disappoint. The Redskins looked TERRIBLE. People are criticizing RGIII for his late game “heroics”, where he basically threw the worst pass ever, and sealed the loss for the Redskins.Whenever something like this happens you have to look at the game in its entirety. There was obviously an entire game’s worth of plays that lead up to his atrocious toss and put RGIII in that situation. 

Now I 100% blame the offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, for the lack of production of the ‘Skins offense. Pretty sure doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity and that makes Kyle Shanahan the most insane man in the NFL. Every set of downs the Redskins got it was the same exact fucking thing. Run on 1st and 2nd down then throw the ball short. Or just run it three straight downs. 

Dude, you’re an NFL offensive coordinator, maybe I don’t know mix it up? Throw a deep pass or something against the worst secondary in the NFL. That might be something you want to do. What invariably happened in literally every drive in the first half was run on first and second down, not get enough yardage to be in a good situation. Run some dumb ass routes that are covered and either have the pass defended because the Eagles were playing the quick slant or RG3 gets sacked/throws it away/cries. 

And its not like this only happened a few time. The score after the first half was 24-0. The Redskins didn’t have 1 turnover in the first half which means every drive was a punt. That’s fucking embarrassing. I would have been more disgusted if Foles and Mccoy weren’t just tearing the Redskins up. The Shanahans have got to go. 

P.S. I did win my fantasy game. Foles and Mccoy got me 56 points. I know you were dying to know. 


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