Al-Qaeda Rebels Accidentally Behead Ally Soldier



This can’t be shocking to anyone. Pretty sure we all know any rebels and especially any terrorist affiliated rebels are shoot/explode first ask questions/get 40 virgins later type of people. So obviously they just went straight to beheading and now they have to ask for “restraint and piety” from the people who’s friend they just beheaded. Absolutely hilarious. Classic terrorist logic. 

“Look, look I know we got carried away and beheaded your friend, but there’s no reason you need to get carried away and do something….rash……Oh….I get it…..” 

The bigger news here is that apparently the group who the beheaders are affiliated with is known as ISIS. Now I don’t care what you name yourself as long as you don’t go besmirching the good spy agents at ISIS. Now I won’t be able to watch the new season of Archer without thinking about these idiots. What if I want to google something that is the ISIS from Archer related. Now I’m gonna get a whole pile of shit about terrorists when I’m just trying to find a funny quote. 

Fucking terrorists.


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