This iPad Will Self Destruct in 3…2…1…BOOM!


An iPad exploded a few days ago, and naturally the question on everyone’s mind was, what kind of iPad was it? Apple has released a statement saying it definitely wasn’t their precious iPad Air. Certainly not. It was an older version of the iPad with a retina display. You can’t check for yourself though since an Apple representative went to the store to collect the evidence…excuse me, iPad. 

Talk about Apple being sketchy as fuck, huh? “Shit! One of our iPad’s exploded! Send down that guy who takes care of things. Make sure you give him a bunch of cash so all the sales clerks know it WASN’T an iPad Air. Malfunctions that end in explosions always ruin our sales.” I’m going to doubt Apple ever reveals why the explosion occurred. Just let it slide away as everyone hones in on some more Miley Cyrus twerking and the upcoming holidays/next gen gaming systems. Its like the JFK assassination, we’ll never know the truth. 


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