Apparently, You’re a Racist if You Draw Graffiti Monkeys


Of course, this story comes from Fox News, the most racially sensitive and totally not racist at all news station. “People” are saying Justin Bieber is racist for this drawing. Now if we’re being totally honest here, and we always are, its way, way, way, more racist to think that this drawing is racist than the drawing itself. I forgot all black people wear crowns and have their septums pierced. Totally missed that about them. I see two perfectly logical conclusions we can come to from this article, about Fox News.

1. They are 100% over compensating for the fact that they are racist. Their entire fan base is racist. They called for Barack Obama’s birth certificate, as if that is a perfectly reasonable thing to do. Ask me when the last time a white presidential candidate was asked to bring forth his birth certificate. Answer is never. So clearly Fox is jumping on this bandwagon to try and make it seem like they’re not bigoted, white douchebags. 

2. Fox News must believe that all versions of Donkey Kong are racist. Clearly the creators of Donkey Kong were racist. I mean a monkey in a tie? I’m sure Fox News execs coined that phrase years ago. Since Fox is racist, they know a racist when they see one, and clearly, Donkey Kong is the epitome of racism. 


P.S. What is their stance on National Geographic magazines featuring actual apes? Gun to my head I have to say Fox News thinks its racist. 


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