PS4 vs Xbox One: How Badly Will Xbox Get Smoked?


‘Tis the season for next gen consoles and new video games. With the Xbox One coming out Nov. 22nd and the PS4 coming out Nov.15 people have been asking a lot of questions. My biggest question how bad is the Xbox One going to get smoked? Anyone who thinks this will be close is, for all intensive purposes, stupid. The idiots over at Microsoft tried to make the Xbox One some kind of integral, family/entertainment/gaming all in one box thing. They failed miserably.

Both systems have basically the same hardware and all that jazz. Graphics cards etc etc just like every other time these two juggernauts of the gaming industry have released their latest system. The biggest differences this year are games, online play and used games.

Xbox initially said it was going to fuck every gamer by needing to connect online to play disc-based games and essentially not allowing used games or transfer of games between consoles. After everyone told them what colossal douchebags they were being, they reneged and changed their minds. I don’t trust someone who is going to screw over the gamers who made their system so popular. Also, because they had to make these changes, the Xbox One is unusable until you do the first day online update. Literally can’t do anything with it until after this update is completed. Super lame.

The PS4 will require a subscription to Playstation plus. It costs $50 a year, but you get a ton of sweet features like free streaming games, game discounts and other shit. The Xbox One will also require Xbox live for online gameplay and it costs $50 a month. The catch is without Xbox live you can’t do shit on your Xbox. All the online and entertainment/multimedia features they push so hard are unavailable without Xbox live. The PS4 has many multimedia features that will work even if you don’t want to buy a Playstation Plus subscription.

I think something else that will lead to Xbox not doing as well is the fact that there is no release date for the next in the Halo Saga. Halo made the Xbox into the popular system that it is. Without a new Halo release right around the corner I don’t see people flocking to get an Xbox One as they have in the past.

PS4 ’till I die. Given that I have a PS3 this blog may have been biased, but seriously, Xbox sucks donkey dick.


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