Depression Rates Around the World. Do You See What I See?


Saw this on Facebook, but I didn’t want to blow up the post with a bunch of facetiousness, that’s what I have a blog for. So here’s the question: What do all the most depressed places in the world have in common? Answer: They’re all places you couldn’t pay me to live. Not in a million years. I’m downright shocked Russia isn’t a bright, red, festering, pit of depression on this map. Russia is the worst. I’m sure the one city they have is nice but the rest of it is cold as fuck and awful. People do Krokodil (a drug thats like heroin but rots your fucking limbs off and is slightly cheaper. Cha Ching!) there just because their lives are so bad.

Sub-Saharan Africa is depressed? Shocking really. I thought AIDS, genocide, starvation and a need for anti-rape female condoms were all part of a healthy non-depressed population. Same goes for Afghanistan. War-torn and terrorist explosions don’t seem to good for morale. Honduras (the only red central American country) was an actual surprise for me. Thought Central America was all rainforest and pinatas. Turns out they just had…YOU GUESSED IT a civil war and there’s a lot of poverty. 

The biggest surprise to me was Japan. I saw a documentary on people working themselves to death in Japan. They even have a word for it. Karoshi. I thought for sure they would have been depressed as fuck. Maybe all the depressed ones end up Karoshi’d. Those of you who thought the US would be red forgot about Prozac. Sneaky right. Like yeah we’re only a faint blue but if you included everyone who’s on antidepressants we’d probably be right up there with Sub-Saharan Africa. Which makes no sense. We don’t have rampant AIDS or genocide. Be happy America! 


P.S. I bet Canada is so pissed they look just as depressed as us based on this map. So pissed. That’s all they have on America. Happiness and healthcare. Now they just have healthcare. Suckerz. 


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