Obamacare: Is it Slowly Killing You?




So I’m going to throw my hat in the ring here on the ObamaCare issue. I don’t have a poli-sci degree or any of that nonsense just Google and some free time. If I get some shit wrong feel free to comment. I’d hate to post the lies that I seek out and obliterate on this here blog so put me on blast if you must.

I think the healthcare/insurance issue has been taken out of context because it is so politically charged. Lots of people saying, ” The government can’t make me do anything! I won’t be forced to buy healthcare!” All that ra-ra civil rights stuff. On the other side you have people on the left demanding free healthcare for everyone, wanting to be like Canada and what not.

At its core, ObamaCare was intended to solve one big problem. The current healthcare system in America is flawed. Now this will probably be an oversimplification of all the complexities and underlying issues that make the healthcare system unsustainable, but I’ll do my darnedest.

The most glaring issue is ER care. People say the government can’t make me do anything, but we the people, have mandated that if you are sick and dying, regardless of coverage the hospital must treat you. No one is allowed to die in the streets. Period. End of story. So a lot of people get treatment without insurance. I can’t say for certain what percent of healthcare costs come from treating uninsured people who come to the ER all I can say is this: The U.S. Census Bureau reported that 49.9 million residents, 16.3% of the population, were uninsured in 2010.

So a lot of people aren’t covered and if they get sick they will be treated even if they can’t afford the treatment. Because of this, a lot of healthcare services we pay for, as the insured, are more expensive. If I’m a hospital I need to be profitable, and if I lose 10 million a year to treatment that can’t be paid for, its got to come from some where, ie insurance companies and people who can pay for treatment.

If everyone is mandated to have health insurance, then this burden decreases. Not only will there be less costs that no one can pay for, but the burden of those costs will be placed on everyone instead of just those who have good health insurance.

The other thing I want to address is a lot of people getting all mad that their shitty health insurance is expiring and they have to get new health insurance with more coverage. “Why can’t I keep my health insurance that’s $10 a month and only covers me if I have a nail gun related injury?” Look shitty healthcare does no one any good. The most costly health expenses come AFTER you have a disease/ailment/injury. The cheapest medicine is preventative medicine. I’m kind of doubting the shitty healthcare that people are losing allowed them the freedom to get checked up regularly and do the preventative measures to lead a healthy life.

Bottom line, in my opinion anyway, is that if we have a law where hospitals have to treat everyone if they are in enough need, then everyone needs health insurance. If you don’t want the government to force you to get health insurance than start petitioning to let people die in the streets. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Of course people are mad they have to pay more, because there is currently no downside to having terrible coverage. You won’t die, and apparently bankruptcy is not a big enough disincentive for getting better coverage.

In closing, I get to stay on my parents health insurance till I’m 26, so eat a dick everyone who doesn’t like the Affordable Care Act.


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