Kanye West Using the Confederate Flag in High Fashion Clothing….




I’m thoroughly confused by this. I just don’t know what do anymore. Does this mean the Confederate flag isn’t racist anymore? Can anyone wear this apparel or just black guys? I think people don’t realize the struggle of a white male in America. Its tough. If I’m listening to a rap song and it has the N-word in it, I better hope I’m not rapping along with the song. If I’m blogging, I have to be careful not to come across as racist. Can’t use certain words…. Now I’m not even sure if I can wear high fashion from the Yeezus store. Tough day to be a white guy. Like am I gonna have to explain where my Confederate Flag clothing came from.

“Hey, white dude! You wanna get your ass beat wearing that Confederate Flag?”

“Oh this? Big misunderstanding guys. I got it at Kanye’s store. It’s not racist cause Kanye made it”


See I can’t deal with that. I’ll be looking over my shoulder everyday making sure someone isn’t coming down on me. Guess I’m going to have to add this to list of things I can’t wear because I’m a white dude:

1. Do-rag

2. Kanye Confederate Flag Apparel

….yeah that’s the list. As I said, its tough being me. 


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